A personnel security clearance can take a frustratingly long time to be granted (or denied) from the time an application is submitted. The adjudication is sometimes slow. You don’t have to sit back and passively wait for the adjudication process to be completed, though. Both security clearance applicants and security personnel can benefit from this article.

If the personnel security clearance process is taking a long time, first check the status of the investigation (which occurs before adjudication). If your employer has a Facility Security Officer or other security staff with JPAS accounts, have them check the status of your case in JPAS. Another option is to call the DoD Security Services Center at (888) 282-7682. Ask whether your background investigation is open or closed. If it’s closed, find out the date it was closed and make a note of it.

If the background investigation has been closed for more than 30 days, you can submit what’s commonly referred to as a Request to Recertify, Research, or Upgrade eligibility (RRU) via JPAS. There are multiple steps in JPAS to follow, which are detailed in this checklist.

In step eight of the checklist, enter the following text (insert your pertinent information where indicated):

“Please adjudicate the closed [SSBI, SBPR, PPR, NACLC or RSI] investigation. The FSO has verified the investigation closed date is beyond 30 days and no notification as to the status of the investigation has been received. CAGE code [insert your CAGE code]. Please notify FSO [insert FSO’s name] at [phone number] or [email] when this is done. Date: [insert date]”

In step nine of the checklist, you need to select the radio button to Recertify the subject’s eligibility. If your employer is industry (rather than military or government), in step 10 of the checklist select the “DOD CAF IND.”

Slow security clearance adjudication? Here’s what to do.

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