As I write this in the beginning of March, 2019, the National Industrial Security System (NISS) remains buggy. It replaced the ISFD and eFCL Web sites several months ago.

Though I’ve been able to log into NCAISS (the portal for accessing NISS) many times since its launch to industry many months ago, NISS remains non-functional to a large extent. It does not display fully or at all in various Web browsers and computers. Thus, I’ve been unable to perform essential tasks, such as submitting reports of completed self-inspections.

I did follow the NISS help desk’s suggested troubleshooting steps months ago to no avail. They have not responded to any of a number of bug reports and help requests I’ve submitted since then.

I lament the loss of eFCL, which was a relatively good, functional Web site. It has been replaced by a buggy, next to useless site with little support.

NISS remains buggy long after its launch