I just got off a very informative webinar from DSS’ PSMO / DMDC covering JPAS’ impending replacement with DISS. I thought I’d jot down some key points relevant to essentially all cleared defense contractors:
  • DISS will have more functionality than JPAS
  • From what I saw of the preview of DISS, it seems to be more user-friendly or at least no less user-friendly than JPAS
  • It seems that they’re preparing and implementing this transition carefully and sensibly, so I expect a smooth transition for current JPAS account holders in industry
  • The user manual for DISS will not be publicly available. It will be available only within the secure DISS site once we obtain log-ins.
  • Currently they’re not planning any new training requirements for DISS users beyond what we’ve completed for JPAS. But I suspect our cyber security and PII awareness training certificates might have to be dated within 12 months of applying for a DISS account.
  • No new PKI credentials are needed for DISS. We can use the same digital certificates and tokens we currently use for JPAS.
  • I do not foresee any problems for industry users transitioning to DISS.
  • They’re currently anticipating that DISS will be made available to us industry users in the April-May-June timeframe of this year. JPAS will be gradually phased out after that during 2017.
DISS will be replacing JPAS for industry users soon

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