Individuals who have been the subject of a background investigation by the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) usually don’t know that they’re entitled to the records of their background investigation. Even experienced Facility Security Officers often don’t know this. These investigations are conducted for the purposes of determining an employee or contractor’s suitability for a security clearance; a particular position; or accessing other sensitive information or assets. OPM conducts over 90% of these background investigations.

Errors in these background investigations and adverse information about the subject of the background investigation usually only come to the applicant’s attention when they’re denied the security clearance or position. What many applicants who receive the position, security clearance, or access they applied for may not realize is that there may be errors or outright lies in their background investigations’ records—and they won’t know of these falsehoods unless they request their records.

Our clients may use their password to access our article explaining the legislation granting them the right to their background investigation records and instructions for obtaining their records.

Requesting records of OPM background investigations

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