The U.S. Department of Defense’s Center for Development of Security Excellence has developed a free, online course which covers the intelligence threats to U.S. technology and how U.S. industry, particularly DoD contractors, can thwart this threat. It is estimated to take 35-40 minutes to complete the course, which is available on the Web at

Companies with facility security clearances can have their cleared employees complete this course as part of their security education program required by chapter 3 of the NISPOM. In particular, the course can help cleared contractors comply with the “threat awareness” clause 3-106(a) of the NISPOM. Though a cleared company’s security briefings may cover that topic, having employees complete this course in addition to standard security briefings can help a company’s chances of earning a higher than average rating in a Defense Security Service’s inspection of their security program.

Free online counterintelligence & threat awareness course

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